We want you to have a good experience with selling your bike on Chopper Shopper and here are a few suggestions that will let buyers know that you are serious about selling your bike.


Always list the year, make and model of your motorcycle.
Please list the current mileage, the bike’s condition, and tell us about any accessories or special features on the bike. Make it sound appealing for the hopeful buyer.

Always list your contact info so buyers can get in touch with you. Note: We do not share your phone number or email address on the site but will automatically forward prospective buyers’ emails to you.


Bike: 1998 Harley Evo in an Atlas rigid frame.
Location: Napa, CA
Price: $10,000.
Mileage: Less than 30,000
Condition: Excellent
Contact: Joe Seller
Phone number: 222-222-2222

Only on the second rear tire with lots of life left on it.

Accessories: 1998 Evo motor with an oversized cam, push rods and ignition. Stock 98 HD 5 speed in an Atlas frame. 1942 original Springer front end with 3″ dog bones and 16″ apes. Gas tank off an old shovelhead, back fender was an old hinge fender took the hinge out and welded up.


We can accept up to 12 photos of your bike. These can be jpgs or png files with a max file size of 5MB’s each. We need good, in focus, crisp photos of your bike. It is best is the bike is shot outdoors with very little clutter around it. Please send us the following:

Left side profile
Right side profile
Close ups of cool parts

That's it!

Your bike will be listed until it sells. Let us know when it does and we will take your listing down (so buyers stop bugging you to buy it). Simply call Easyriders Chopper Shopper at 818-889-8740 and listen to the prompts.

Happy selling!