SDPD Arrests Motorcyclists – Says Wedding Rings Are Brass Knuckles?

By September 17, 2016Biker's Rights

sdpd-arrests-motorcyclists-says-wedding-rings-brass-knuckles-featured-image-620x350Motorcyclist Profiling

On September 9th, 2016 at least 5 SDPD officers conducted a profiling stop on 2 members of the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club and arrested them for participation in a criminal street gang. These men committed no crimes and had no criminal records but were still given excessive bail.

This type of behavior by police deprives citizen’s basic civil liberties and risks exposure to civil liability claims against government agencies and their employees. Legislation prohibiting the practice of motorcycle profiling and providing victims an avenue of relief is the best opportunity to alleviate civil rights violations and the liability that follows.

The Story
The Motorcycle Profiling Project received a letter from one of the victims describing the incident in detail.

Two members of the Chosen Few MC were patronizing the Off Base bar on Miramar Road in San Diego. These men noticed that SDPD units had been posted up outside and we’re obviously observing them for several hours as they socialized in the bar. When these two men decided to leave they were not concerned with being pulled over because neither of them had drank any alcohol and neither of them even had a criminal record.

But being 1%’ers is enough for the SDPD. Less than a block after exiting Off Base, “the police unit that had been watching us for several hours (yes we could see him) turned his lights on” writes one of the men. “Officer Wolff from the “SDPD Crime suppression” unit told me he stopped me because of “my loud pipes and my whip”. There was no decibel meter in sight, my pipes are stock, and my whip is a decorative one that is approx. 24 inches and zip tied to my front brake so therefore not accessible.”

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