How To Build a Motorcycle

By September 15, 2016New Product News


“Eli’s famous for dreaming big. After building a car and a plane, Eli thinks he is the world’s greatest mouse mechanic.”

Recently a book arrived in the mail that intrigued us, a children’s book of all things; How To Build a Motorcycle. We often wonder how to get our kids and grandkids interested in the things that we love, and this little book is full of information, written from the point of view of a family of mice, who are building a bike for a big race.

While the book is written to spark the imagination of children, there is actually quite a lot of information on the mechanics of motorcycle engineering.

Kids are naturally curious, and How To Build a Motorcycle is a good starting point for them to learn about mechanics. The book is intended for kids 6-plus. Written by Saskia Lacy, and beautifully illustrated by Martin Sodomka.